“Virtual Coach” Program

Apex Predator’s “Virtual Coach” Program

You have the information. We have the team to help you use it. In motorsports competition, no stone should be left un-turned when it comes to looking for performance. At Apex Predator, this is a core tenant of our approach to clients across the country. Our “virtual coach” program helps us make that happen!

With each passing year, the challenge of motorsports competition continues to evolve in complexity. By utilizing some of the latest tools in performance data and video analysis, AP’s coaching staff makes rapid driving improvement even more accessible for clients, regardless of their location!

Schedules and locations don’t always align. In the international realm of motorsports competition, few drivers, teams, or manufacturers operate with each other directly at all times. As a result, Apex Predator has developed multiple solutions to bridge the geographical gap between clients and professional coaching services.

Data Analysis

At AP, data analysis is not just a tool to use occasionally—it is constantly implemented to complement existing resources in the coaching profession. Due to the remote nature of data analysis, AP’s performance consultation and analysis process has utilized by racers across the country.

Through our time working with clients of varying levels of competitive ambition, Apex Predator has developed proficiency in a variety of softwares and applications, including the AIM, Off-Camber Data, and Motec suites.

Joining our cadre of ‘virtual coach’ clients is easy! Simply reach out to us via email, and send us your data. Once received, a processing period will follow, after which a personalized and nuanced report will be delivered to the you, analyzing your current driving habits across all the information made available.

Accepted data formats include .drk (MyChron Race Studio) and .ocd (Off-Camber Data). These may be delivered to us directly via email at [email protected].  Once reviewed, a Google Drive folder with all shared data and screencasts analyzing the data will be generated and shared to a contact point of the client’s choice.

To learn more about this service, contact us! 

Video Analysis

For many developing drivers and aspiring professionals, visual media is often the best way to learn proper techniques and skills. Through Apex Predator’s “virtual coach” video critique services, analysis of vehicle handling, driver performance, and race strategy can be conducted, to further drive forth the rate of progress for an aspiring racer.

Some of the benefits from reviewing practice, qualifying, or race footage include critique of race strategy, vehicle performance, and mental preparation.

Video media formats accepted include .mp4 and .mov video file formats. Reach out to us via our email, [email protected] to generate a sharing platform to submit media files.

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At Apex Predator, our team continues to evolve how driver development is taught, understood, and articulated to our clients. From finding new tools to ad to our coaching regimen, to evaluating tools in development, AP continues to experiment and research the art of driver coaching.

From team dynamics, to social media presence, and even professional development workshops, the team at Apex Predator Driver Development knows what it takes to excel and grow as an aspiring motorsports professional.

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