Inspection and Service


Apex Predator recognizes that each track day is the culmination of hours of preparation and effort by each of our clients. As a result, AP compliments our variety of consultation and instructional services with a wide array of kart services.

From our Dacono, Colorado – based shop, AP provides racers within the Rocky Mountain Region professional and timely service for a variety of needs, including:

  • Kart storage and track-side transportation
  • Tire rotation, mounting, dismounting, balancing
  • Chassis alignment, re-truing
  • Seat fitting and installation
  • Engine inspections, servicing, and freshening
  • Chassis repair, cleaning, and routine maintenance
  • Parts replacement, repair, and pickup to deliver to race day clients
  • Custom parts repair and fabrication
  • Kart weight and balancing
  • Competition and technical inspections to ensure legality and safety

For more information on these services, or to schedule these with Apex Predator, email us at: [email protected]