Performance Driving Instruction

At AP, we pride ourselves in tailoring each coaching session to the individual experience level and abilities of our clients. Whether a driver is completely new to performance driving or a seasoned veteran, Apex Predator’s coaching staff has the experience, tools, and demonstrated ability to progressively and consistently improve client’s performance driving habits and skill.

Always adaptable, Apex Predator’s One-on-One driver coaching program works to quickly assess a current abilities, then use appropriate industry-leading tools to coach and improve performance. From simple visual observation, to granular data analysis, AP has the tools and experience you need to unleash your inner driving potential. Read More >>


Virtual Coach Program

You have the information. We have the team to help you use it. In motorsports competition, no stone should be left un-turned when it comes to looking for performance. At Apex Predator, this is a core tenant of our approach to clients across the country. Our “virtual coach” program helps us make that happen!

With each passing year, the challenge of motorsports competition continues to evolve in complexity. By utilizing some of the latest tools in performance data and video analysis, AP’s coaching staff makes rapid driving improvement even more accessible for clients, regardless of their location! Read More >>



Experience Karting: “Try Karting” Packages

All too often, potential kart racers face a challenging proposition when it comes to transforming their passion and interest in motorsport to becoming an active participant as a driver.

From getting up to speed with new mechanical and driving challenges, to facing financial hurdles regarding the commitment it may take to purchase a performance kart and equipment, or even the challenge of becoming a part of the motorsport community, there are multiple hurdles a new racer must face as they transition into karting competition.

Apex Predator has recognized this challenge, and has taken action to help! Read More >>



With each passing year, the motorsports industry continues to evolve in complexity, and in regards to the tools available to teams and drivers. By utilizing performance data analysis, AP’s coaching staff makes rapid driving improvement even more accessible for clients.

At AP, data analysis is not just a tool to use occasionally—it is constantly implemented to complement existing resources in the coaching profession. Read More >>