Pricing Structure

At Apex Predator, we believe performance driving instruction should be presented to our clients in a cost effective manner. Below, we have outlined our current rate and pricing structure for our primary services.

ServiceDescriptionProvided ResourcesRateAvailability and Booking
One-on-One Driving InstructionIndividualized Instruction Approach, utilizing in-person, data-driven, and video analysis. Supplementary resources such as track maps, reports, and consultation results provided prior to and post-session. $200.00 per session. Flexible Schedule, Location
"Virtual Coach" Data AnalysisAny track, anywhere, anytime--that is how Apex Predator's "Virtual Coach" data analysis program is designed to enhance your understanding of your driving! AP utilizes the latest in AIM Race Studio and additional software to remotely access and pick apart your driving habits, areas for improvement, and current performance. In-Depth screen cast analyzing provided data. Shared via secure Drive link. $100.00 per analysis. Remote Capability: Any track, anywhere, anytime! No limit to number of data resources accepted. 72-hour turnaround guarantee.
"Virtual Coach" Video AnalysisVideo screencast analyzing onboard video, trackside footage, frame-by-frame analysis and feedback on driving performance, race strategy, and performance. Screencast with over-video narration provided post-session. $75.00 per analysis.Remote Capability: Any track, anywhere, anytime! 72-hour turnaround guarantee.
Consultation & Freelance DevelopmentAP specializes in a variety of consultation practices, including: media consultation, product development, site visitation, and professional development. Dependent on project. Independent contract or freelance work available. Location and scheduling flexible. We love pushing the boundaries of driver development!