Apex Predator Driver Development is more than just a driver coaching service organization. At AP, we believe that to grow our own business, we must be active in growing and advocating for motorsport itself. Primarily, AP currently guides this focus towards the performance karting market.

To this end, AP and affiliated media has spawned several projects, including our primary project, The Colorado

The Colorado

Since 2003, The Colorado Karter has been Colorado’s premier source for unbiased information about the kart racing community within the State of Colorado. The Karter also serves as a platform to further the promotion and growth of the sport of karting.

Primarily, the karting community within Colorado consists of multiple local kart racing series, a handful of performance kart racing tracks, key vendors and support shops, a dedicated group of volunteers, and several hundred members of the Colorado community that either race, support, or participate in karting activities.

The Karter is not intended to be a national karting news site. Although The Karter recognizes many racers within Colorado can and do compete at national-level races, it is our belief that this website should primarily focus on the growth and promotion of a local-level, fundamental karting community. Because of this, much of the content will not focus on “national” level karting events, unless they venture into our state. While The Karter is focused on karting activity within Colorado, outside series, clubs, and members are welcome and encouraged.

Acquiring the website in 2017, Apex Predator launched a complete re-vamp of the entire resource, updating website links, resources, and even incorporating additional media avenues such as how-to videos, resource aggregation, and more partnered content in the form of written and visual media.

Media Consulting

For several years, AP has focused outside of the at-track realm with motorsports-oriented organizations. From public press releases, to graphics creation, to even compiling event recaps and special guest feature pieces, AP media has grown progressively into a comprehensive producer of motorsports-oriented content, for clients such as The Colorado Karting Tour, Evinco Tire, and MJB, Inc.

Future Projects

In the near future, AP will continue to develop these media projects, as well as find ways to bring additional media formats such as podcasts or advanced video production to larger audiences outside of the general sport of kart racing.