Our team recognizes that the motorsports community is larger than ourselves or our primary clients. As such, AP has worked hard to create platforms and foster group engagement through services external to our primary business model. In particular, the acquisition of the neutrally-grounded and community-focused website The Colorado has tasked us with the care and observation of a community that houses both our primary service clients and their competitors.

To us, this is the next step in bringing motorsports competition to a larger audience, and therefore a larger market for ourselves and additional parties: Setting aside the in-fighting found in so many motorsports-oriented businesses, and looking at the bigger picture. At AP, we are advocates for the community of motorsports enthusiasts above all else.

Members of our team donate their time to this continued community advocacy. By providing our ‘karting consultation’ clinics to newcomers of the sport, as well as administrative work with organizations such as The Colorado Karting Tour, The International Karting Federation, and KartPulse, our team is able to extend beyond our normal clientele to interact with those that are continuing to evolve their understanding of the sport we believe so much in.